MT4 Balance: 1000$ (1350$ Recommended)

Daily Target: 12-30$

Number Of Currency Pair: 6-12

EA Robot Working With MT4 Only.!

Auto Register For Forex Account ID, You Never Need User Accounts!

Strongly Recommend To Use With DEMO ACCOUNT For First Month Till You Comfortable With System.!


Open Trades?
Script open first Trade with Forexrr Strategy. You can set Basic Lot size, Take Profit, Slippage, Maximum Spread allowed, Maximum Number of Active Trades & many more. Script possible to open multiple trades by given pips gaps.

Open Recover Trade?
If oldest basic trades loss more than given pips, it goes for recover trade with predefined lots. Also set Take Profit of oldest trade & recover trade to get define Take Profit for all basic lots.

Check How I'm Using?

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It is much simple to install, please visit here and watch the video, it will show you how to install script and edit settings. If you still need to hire expert to install, please send request HERE.



Are you using forexrr recommended broker account with refer to us? cool..! Script Price is 0$ for you.

Using Script with your Old forex account? we are sorry! we need to charge very small amount to cover our cost. Please Subscribe 49$ per month payment with below PayPal button & Send your forex account ID to


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