Basic Lot Unit?

This Is Just General Lot Size. Recommend To Use Smaller Lots As Much As Possible. You Can Use EA On More Pair Depending On Balance Instead Of Higher Lots.

Orders Lot Size?

You Can Set Same Lot Size For All Orders Or Keep Increasing Lot Size With Number Of Basic Orders.

Max Spread 0.0,X.0 (Pips)?

EA Will Place New Orders While Spread Are Equal Or Lower Than This Value.

Minimum Take Profit Per Basic Lot (Pips)?

EA Will Set Orders TP & Get Profit At Lease By This Pips For Resultant Lots. However Order Will Close With Small Profit, If Trend Change Suddenly.

Stop Loss From Last Placed Order (Pips)?

EA Will Set SL While Place Basic Orders, & Re Adjust Oldest Basic Order SL & TP If Script Open Recover Order.

Minimum Loss For Next Basic Order (Pips)?

EA Will Wait For Next Order Till Last Order Lost At Lease By This Pips.

Maximum Allowed Basic Orders?

Yes, It Is Just Maximum Orders Allowed For Trend In One Pair. It Don't Count Recover Trade.

Maximum Allowed Chart (Multiple Orders) In MT4?

You Can Limit How Many Currency Pair Are Allow To Trade Multiple Orders At Once.

Maximum Allowed Active Chart In MT4?

You Can Add EA To Many Currency Pair & Limit How Many Of Them Are Allow To Trade At Once. This Way Script Select Best Pair To Trade & Other Are Just Waiting.

Close Orders?

EA Will Set Separate TP Values For Orders Or Set Same TP Values To Close All Order Together.

Recover Lot Size?

You Can Define Recover Order Lot Size Here. Recover Order Lot Size = Basic Order Lot Size x This "Recover Lot Size" Value.

Minimum Loss For Recover Order (Pips)?

EA Will Wait For Recover Order Till Oldest Order Lost At Lease By This Pips.

Maximum Allowed Recover Orders In MT4?

EA Count How Many Recover Orders Are In MT4. This Setting Use To Limit Maximum Number Of Recover Orders Allowed In MT4.

Slippage Allowed 0,X (Pips)?

This Is General Term, Order Will Not Place If Price Slipp More Than This Pips Value.

Magic Number?

EA Used Magic Number To Identify Orders Placed By This EA.

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