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Signals & MT4 Trade Copier

Do you have friends who is genius at trading & you just need a copy your friend automatically? well so you just need forexrr local trade copier along with your friends investor password.

Or else are you looking for free forex signal service? so please visit forexrr free signal section. do you think it is easy to looking at signal alert and place trades manually? extremely not. so forexrr developed automated signal copier for you at free of cost. please visit forexrr remote trade copier and learn more today. Also please visit VPS page if you plan to buy VPS or Learn what it is.

Here is the important setting for remote copier according to your Investment.!

Manage Orders Lot Value

You can manage Lot Values in 3 ways with "LotRatio", "ForceLot", "MicroLotBalance". LotRatio is used to define ration between server trades & your actual trades. you can set 0.1 or 10 according to your trade lot value requirement.

ForceLot is good for small account, so you can define lot value like 0.01 and fix it for each trades, script copy in to your account.

If you need to increase your Lot Value along with the balance, just use "MicroLotBalance" to fix it. you can set like 100 or 200 or even any number which you allow for micro lot trade to be place by the script. imagine you have account with 300$ and you set value to 200, then it will place 0.01 trades until balance become 400$ & then lot become 0.02

Refresh Delay

It is the Delay Interval between signal scans, By default it is set to 10 seconds. But depending on your network speed you can reduce it up to xxx seconds.

Pips Tolerance

It is the maximum Gap possible to happen in between Signal Trades & your Trades. By default it set to 3 pips, so it will not Open trade if market price move 3 pips away for loss direction.

Margin Level

Is equal to 100*EQUITY/MARGIN. you can see your margin level at MT4 terminal trade area. Default it set to 3000% but it is your choice to use variable along with your Investment power. Signal will not copy bellow than given margin level.

Prefix & Suffix

Please use this variable if your forex broker use prefix or suffix with currency pair names.

Signal Server

we offer 3 types of signals include basic, basic plus & smart. select signal server carefully related to your account balance and broker company. Highly recommend to run with demo account & practice well, before use with real account.

Smart Server - If you select Smart Server you will copy every trades we open, So it is suitable only for account at least balance with 1000$. We open trade between 0.5-2.5 Lots at once with smart Server, Still you can manage it with lot ratio to match with your balance.

Basic Plus Server - This is for middle level account. If you select this option Script will copy last signal from basic servers, thus there will have one active order most of the time.

Basic Server - This is for small balance accounts. Only 0.1 Lots single Trade at once. You can select servers Basic 1 to Basic 9. It is for risk management. If you have few mini balanced forex account, select one server per each broker. so your risk is much reduced.

Settings for account - Basic server


Please disable "LotRatio" by setting to "0.0" & Just use either "ForeceLot" or "MicroLotBalance". Set Other to "0.0". Select "Basic Signal" as Signal Server.

Settings for account - Basic plus server


Please Enable "LotRatio" by setting to "0.1" & Just set "ForeceLot" and "MicroLotBalance" to "0.0". Select "Basic Plus Signal" as Signal Server.

Settings for the Investment More than US $ 1000 - Smart server


Please Enable "LotRatio" by setting to "0.1" & Just set "ForeceLot" and "MicroLotBalance" to "0.0". Select "Smart Signal" as Signal Server.

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